Built-in Wardrobe Renovation

After a stylish custom wardrobe renovation in Sydney that seamlessly integrates with your current bedroom, kitchen or living space? Look no further than our comprehensive wardrobe doors, walk-in wardrobes and storage solutions.

Sliderobes is Sydney’s premium wardrobe specialists. With years of experience behind us (over two decades to be exact), our team is well acquainted with a variety of quality wardrobe designs to suit any storage size, colour, style, finish and budget requirement you may have.

Consult us today to see how we can design the wardrobe renovation that you have envisioned for years, all in a fraction of the time it takes most other places to do so. You can rely on our experts to use only the highest quality materials for all state-of-the-art wardrobe designs.

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What are built-in wardrobes?

A built-in wardrobe is a space-saving storage unit that becomes a part of the room’s wall, instead of standing outside of it. Unlike free-standing designs, they aren’t noticeable or take up space. A custom design built-in wardrobe should seamlessly fit into your room’s architecture perfectly, and only be visible when they are opened. Some can be sliding, or fit with discreet handles to ensure the wardrobe remains flush with the wall.

At Sliderobes, we can design and renovate a built-in wardrobe that fits beautifully with your home design. We’ll take precise measurements, gather inspiration material, then come up with a design that meets your exact needs.

Benefits of a custom designed wardrobe renovation

From personalising your new storage spaces to choosing sliding doors that enhance your home decor. Our wardrobe specialists can work with you to come up with a design that encompasses your creativity, whilst giving you a host of benefits. Built-in wardrobes have been growing in popularity in recent years and are a definite addition for modern homes.

Some significant benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Meld with your current decor – Our wardrobe renovation specialists will take great attention to detail of your current home decor, personal style and preferences. As a result, we can design and provide a wardrobe solution that does not make the area feel cluttered or stick out to evoke a more relaxing environment for any bedroom or living space.
  • Plenty of storage space – Whether you want multiple shelving, sliding or hinged doors, we can ensure that your new wardrobe solution offers ample space to keep possessions and clothing organised. Discuss your storage requirements with our wardrobe experts, and we will find the best solution that meets your needs.
  • CompactBuilt-in wardrobe renovation solutions are more seamless and compact than bought free-standing models. They can deliver more floor space than standing closets of the same size, creating greater flow in any living space.
  • Great value – A renovated wardrobe can increase your overall property value considerably, especially if you are looking to update an “older style” home. All it takes is choosing the right design for you.
  • Custom configurations to choose from – Another advantage of built-in wardrobes is the ability to adjust the configuration according to your storage or personal requirements. For example, if you have clothing that primarily consists of formal wear, we can provide you a solution with more hanging space. Share a space with your spouse? We can help you design each portion of the wardrobe to suit your individual needs.
  • Integrated lighting – Unlike free-standing models, a built-in wardrobe renovation can be fixed with integrated lighting. For example, try opting for LED strip lighting for the interior shelving which makes finding clothes easier whilst at the same time showcasing your wardrobes internal design.

Please note: LED strip lights are to be provided by the customer and installed by an electrician. However, we can create the slots needed.

  • Built to fit your space – Depending on your requirements, you get the opportunity to customise the height and width dimensions of your new built-in wardrobe. It is not just the dimensions. Opting for built-in wardrobes also gives you flexibility to choose your colour scheme, the finishes, internal design and the door type that you are after.
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