Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes are ideal for larger spaces as they allow the most access to your wardrobe. Sliderobes design, manufacture and install hinged door wardrobes to your personal requirements, we will cater to any request, no matter how big or small. Hinged wardrobes have a timeless, elegant appeal to them and work well in bedrooms with a traditional look and feel. Here are the medium-density fibreboard (MDF) styles we offer:

  •         Plain MDF
  •         Profiled MDF
  •         Routed MDF

Our hinged wardrobes are polyurethane-painted in a multitude of colours of your choice, and we offer a laminate melamine finish for a more cost-effective alternative.

We are so confident with our wardrobe solutions that we are happy to design, quote and measure free of charge, call now and we’ll arrange an appointment with one of our expert consultants for you.


Wardrobe Solutions
Wardrobe Solutions
Wardrobe Solutions


What is a Hinged Wardrobe?

A hinged wardrobe is a wardrobe with doors hinged at the sides that swing out when opened. When purchasing a new wardrobe with us, you will need to choose between hinged or sliding wardrobe doors. 

Hinged wardrobes are ideal for larger rooms with the space they take to open, but they carry a visually pleasing appearance with all the quintessential charm that many well-loved wardrobes now have. 

Benefits of Custom-Hinged Wardrobes

With their traditional appearance and the way they fully open up, hinged wardrobes are an ideal choice for more spacious bedrooms. 

Hinged wardrobes offer a host of benefits, not limited to:

  • Hinged wardrobe doors fully open: Hinged doors show off and make everything accessible in your wardrobe when open. Unlike sliding doors, they also take up more space when they swing open, making them more suited for larger rather than smaller bedrooms.
  • Easy opening: Besides the maximum access they provide for taking out or putting clothing in, hinged wardrobe doors also make for more effortless opening. Hinged doors can easily be opened in one motion while sliding doors slightly take a bit longer and at times may not allow you to view everything at once as doors overlap. 
  • Traditional wardrobe style: Hinged wardrobes have a more timeless style, making them often the wardrobe of choice for more classic bedroom interior designs.
  • Can have glass or mirrors attached: While sliding wardrobe doors often are well known for their sleek, mirrored appearance, you don’t need to stick to this choice if you desire mirrors on your doors. Hinged mirrored wardrobe doors add modern elegance to your bedroom while giving you the best ease of use.
  • Can be freestanding or built-in: At Sliderobes, we can design and create hinged wardrobes in Sydney that meet your requirements. Whether you need a portable, freestanding unit or a wardrobe that is flush against your wall, our specialists can provide a solution.
  • Soft close: Our hinged wardrobes in Sydney offer a luxuriously, seamless experience with cabinetry with soft close. Not only will it make your bedroom feel more special, but it’s also a help in preventing getting fingers closed on. 
  • Internal lighting: Elevate your time to get ready with integrated lighting that lights up your wardrobe the moment you open your hinged wardrobe. While we cannot complete this service for you, we can create the slots or spaces you need to attach the strips with the help of an electrician.
  • Add security with a lock: Another great benefit of hinged wardrobe doors is that they can be made with locks to secure your goods. A hinged wardrobe may be the perfect solution for an office, an Airbnb or another high-traffic residential area. 

The Wardrobe Specialist

Our passion at Sliderobes is bringing stunning wardrobe designs to life. We start the creative process by consulting with you, measuring the desired location and creating an initial sketch based on your requirements. Here you will be able to choose a colour of your choice from our selection, as well as the finish, style (plain, profiled or routed), and materials. We can also assist you with attaching mirrors if you choose to have either sliding or hinged mirrored wardrobe doors. 

While our work starts and ends with your satisfaction, we can assist you with understanding what storage options would help you best make the most of your space to store your items while still achieving a beautiful, clean finish. 

Whether you proceed with just one design or many more – rest assured knowing every option has been thought through carefully so as not to only meet but exceed any need imaginable.


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