Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Are you looking for customisable wardrobe solutions that can make any small bedroom or walk-in-wardrobe look bigger? Sliderobes range of sliding mirror wardrobes are ceiling to floor designs that add elegance and dimension to any interior living space.

What are mirror wardrobes & what are their benefits?

Mirror wardrobes are a fantastic fixture that can maximise space by providing extra storage while making a room appear larger. Compared to an undecorated wardrobe, a mirrored wardrobe is beautifully modern and sleek.

Here are just a few of the benefits we’ve gathered:


Mirror wardrobes feature full-length mirrors to the face of the doors, which will reflect whatever is facing them back. If these mirror doors are placed on one side of the room, they can create an illusion of spaciousness and increased room height. The mirrors magnify any natural light from windows via the reflection, creating a brighter, more cheerful atmosphere in any small bedroom.


A sliding mirror wardrobe ticks every box for functionality and use. They save space by eliminating the need for stand-alone mirrors in a bedroom, hallway or living room. It can serve as a clothing mirror in the morning or for workout inspiration. Furthermore, they are safer options for children’s bedrooms as you do not have to worry about the risks associated with a mirror falling over. Compared to wardrobes with standard closet doors, many mirror wardrobes are sliding or stacked behind other panes. This means you don’t have to compromise on foot space when leaving the door open or changing.


Mirror wardrobes can be custom-built to suit your lifestyle. Whilst the mirror can improve the exterior of your wardrobe, custom designs with built-in interior features can significantly elevate the way you maximise a small space. Extra drawers, shelves, double coat hanger racks and other space-efficient features can easily be installed to deliver more storage, regardless of the size of your wardrobe space.


Store-bought wardrobes that have to be assembled yourself don’t consider the overall dimensions of an interior space. You can mitigate this challenge if you choose a mirror wardrobe. They make the best use of the available space that you have to work with. The vast stretch of a wall already taken up by a wardrobe can double feature with a few added mirrors. The additional use of a mirror at the front of a closet door can also hide the wardrobe itself, allowing the furniture to integrate more seamlessly with the rest of your interior space.

A variety of styles & frames

With mirror wardrobes, comes design possibility. If you’re not keen on only the mirrors, receive the same benefits mentioned above and gain a stylistic touch to your decor by adding frames. Monochromatic-coloured frames, while subtle, will always result in a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Meanwhile, naturally-coloured timber frames can provide a cosy feel. Consider a geometric overlay on top of the mirror frames for a more dramatic outcome.

Sliderobes offers a variety of wardrobe layout designs no matter how tight or complex the space. Our consultants will design, measure and quote to suit your needs and budget, bringing the showroom to you, with a range of colours and designs, all free of charge.

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