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Do you want to utilise all the nooks and crannies of your home into fully-functional custom wardrobes? Well, lucky for you, SlideRobes specialises in all types of contemporary custom-built wardrobes in Sydney with excellent storage options that fit all your needs!

Custom-built wardrobes are the best option for your varying needs as every space is different and requires specialised measuring and expert consultation from us to ensure your custom-made wardrobe is perfect for your bedroom or storage space.

The entire concept of custom wardrobes is to bring a tailored look in any room and create the essential element of innovative home storage solutions. Since the designs are specifically made to complement the existing space, the possibilities here are endless.

Let us walk you through different options to help you pick your favourite wardrobe solution !

Why Should You Go For a Custom-Built Wardrobe?

As time progresses, we all start to prefer space-efficient approaches when designing our homes. In this regard, a custom-built wardrobe seems to be the perfect alternative, as opposed to buying a ready-made wardrobe.

It allows us to make use of the already existing spaces of any room without overcrowding it. Another plus point is that a custom-built wardrobe gives you the chance to personalise your storage as per your needs.

No more settling with ready-made wardrobes when you can opt for getting exactly what you want with custom-built wardrobes. Time to raise the bar, folks!

Not to mention, you get to make the most out of the versatility of different types of custom wardrobes. Let’s take a look at some of the endless possibilities that this customisation can bring for you:

Fitted, Free-Standing, Or Walk-In

With custom-built wardrobes, you have the option to make a choice between fitted, free-standing, and walk-in wardrobes – whichever one you decide to go with, you have the ability to design your wardrobes’ internals alongside our consultant just the way you want!

Sometimes, when buying ready-made wardrobes  you might end up liking the exterior of one while preferring the compartment layouts of the other. But with custom wardrobes, you can mix and match different styles till you find the one that matches your taste!

The Door of Your Choice

The type of door in your wardrobe makes a huge difference, both in terms of space and aesthetics.

As someone who is a fan of traditional wardrobes, you can get hinge doors for your tailor-made wardrobe. On the other hand, if you prefer sliding doors, that’s also a good option, especially in small spaces. You can even opt for a glass door to bring a more visualised wardrobe. As we said, the possibilities are endless.

Unlimited Mirror Options

A wardrobe is incomplete without a mirror. When you are getting a customised wardrobe, you can always choose how many mirrors you want to add. Many people prefer the appeal of mirrors in their wardrobe, and if you are one of those, a custom wardrobe can be a good option for you.

Besides, mirrors also give the room a spacious illusion. Whether you like round or rectilinear mirrors, or prefer full-length or glamorous ones – customisation gives you the ability to have all your wardrobe essentials in one place!

How to Determine the Right Custom Wardrobe Design?

Here’s our take on a few handy tips that will help you pick just the rightdesign for your custom-built wardrobe.

Evaluate Your Spacing

You need to start by evaluating the size and layout of your room. Some styles go better in larger rooms as compared to the smaller ones, therefore you should always pick a design that goes with the existing model of the room.

A great advantage of customising your wardrobe is that you have the opportunity to make the best of your space with the compartments of your choice. Play around with the shelves, racks, drawers, and sliders to make your closet super functional.

Know Your Storage Needs 

The only right way to pick a compatible custom wardrobe is to make sure that you know what personal storage needs you have.

For instance, if you have a liking for long floral dresses or high-end suits, your wardrobe needs to have a good amount of hanging space. Similarly, if you are someone who has a footwear obsession, you need to have room for it in your custom-built wardrobe. This implies that you need to strategically analyse what your tastes are to determine a design that agrees with your personality.

Make It Accessible

Investing in a custom-built wardrobe but still not being able to find what you’re looking for is simply pointless. The whole purpose of customising a wardrobe is to make it user-friendly. This way, you won’t have to dig in for hours just to find a particular thing.

For example, if we talk about clothes storage, you need to figure out a way to know where your summer and winter clothes will go. Obviously, if you put it all in one place, you’ll be missing out on the right organisation. To avoid trouble later on, it’s a good idea to plan the accessibility before going on a design hunt.

Hire the Best Wardrobe Manufacturers in Sydney

A lot of our competitors claim to create custom-built wardrobes in Sydney exactly to your requirements but time and time again we have seen that these are pre-made from cheap designs, finishes, and materials. We take absolutely no shortcuts here at Sliderobes and when we say we custom-build wardrobes, we mean customised exactly to your needs.

We are an Australian manufactured company who uses high-grade Australian timber, as we’re all about supporting our local timber industry for the best materials available in the country.

Enquire with us now to see why we are a head above the rest!

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