Melamine Wardrobe Doors

Known for their longevity and elegance, Sliderobes designs and builds custom melamine wardrobes in a variety of styles, internal and external fixtures and colours.

Whether you want to update your bedroom space with a fashionable walk-in wardrobe, a ceiling to floor mirror wardrobe with sliding doors or build something more traditional, we have wardrobe solutions that suit any price point, and cater to any personal preference.

What is melamine?

Budget friendly, attractive and hard-wearing, melamine is a type of laminate manufactured from layers of paper which have been saturated with a melamine resin. These layers are then converted into a solid, plastic surface via thermal fusion and later bonded together with a particleboard to create a durable material. These sheets are used to give interior furnishings like built-in wardrobes their attractive surface.

Benefits of melamine wardrobes

Versatile colours and styles

Unlike plastic, melamine can come in a wide selection of textures and natural wood grains which make melamine panels a more cost-effective multi-purpose material that adds colour and personality into any interior space. Whether you prefer soft neutral-toned timber shades to create classic looks, contemporary slate grey or a striking ebony hue, you will have no shortage of creativity with a melamine wardrobe.


As a material, melamine is durable, shatter and scratch resistant, and waterproof. Additionally, panels are usually engineered as a single unit instead of being composed of small, weaker layers of wood, like plywood for example. This makes the material also resistant to warping compared to traditional wood composites. As a result, most melamine wardrobes can give you a five to seven year lifespan when designed, built and installed properly by professionals.


No matter the size of your custom built wardrobe, the scope of the design or the shelving elements required, melamine closets will always be more cost effective than materials like medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or plywood. For simpler designs, you can pay anywhere from  $1,500 to $5,000 for a full custom melamine wardrobe and a few hundred for single shelving units.

High performance

Melamine wardrobes are flexible in terms of performance, functionality and design, making them more convenient furnishing options to use. Aside from being crack, scratch and abrasion resistant, melamine laminate withstands humid weather conditions. This means if you live in a particularly hot climate, you don’t have to worry about the laminate sheets from UV damage and warping over time. Laminates are also stain resistant and designed for coarse usage, which means you can store heeled shoes, belts and other homeware items onto melamine shelves.

Low maintenance

Unlike traditional timber, melamine sheets are easy to maintain and clean. Their extra smooth surface ensures effortless cleaning compared to more textured hardwood surfaces. All you need is a warm damp cloth and cleaning solution, or antibacterial wet wipes. Due to their low maintenance, melamine wardrobes and shelves are best installed for low impact fixtures such as office furniture, bedrooms, kitchen cabinets and store fixtures.

The greatest alternative for your specific requirements is to have a bespoke melamine wardrobe constructed specifically for your lifestyle.

Every home is unique and necessitates precise measuring and expert consultation from one of our team members to ensure that your custom wardrobe is appropriate for your bedroom or storage space.

Reach out to our team today to see why we go above and beyond the rest!

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