Wooden Finish Wardrobe Doors

For those who enjoy classic styles or looking to add warmth into an unfeeling space, choose our finished wardrobe solutions. Sliderobes has an impressive variety of beautiful and contemporary wooden finish wardrobes in Sydney. Whatever stain, material or colour palette, we can offer you quality wardrobe doors at their best. Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living room storage and so much more, we can help you create a stunning wardrobe design that cohesively ties with your home decor.

What are wooden finish wardrobes?

A wooden finished wardrobe is traditionally built with engineered wood boards then later decorated with coatings such as lacquer or melamine. Man-made wood boards are the most popular option for homeowners as they are available in a variety of styles, motifs and colours. As with most furniture, such wardrobes can come in traditional or contemporary styles. While solid wood is a great choice to bring nature into the house, modern wooden finish wardrobes in lighter shades and materials can last you years while also coming in a range of styles to accommodate your existing furniture.

Best materials for wooden finish wardrobe doors

Particle Board

A particle board (also known as a low-density fibreboard or a chipboard), is an engineered wood product made from wood chips, synthetic resin and other materials. These are bound together and pressed into long workable sheets. Particle board exhibits flexible qualities, therefore it can be used for wardrobes that span several metres. When used correctly, wooden finish wardrobes manufactured from particle board can greatly reduce your furnishing costs compared to plywood. Ideal low cost option for furniture that isn’t going to be exposed to excess moisture, or kept out in the open.


Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is another reconstituted wood panel manufactured from wood fibres which have been compressed together. It is more durable than plywood and particle board, and is primarily used for internal use applications due to its lack of moisture resistance. Nevertheless, it boasts a smooth surface and isn’t prone to buckling or knots, making it ideal for painting, sealing and other flat furnishing products. This is the best material to design and build wardrobe shutters as the material’s edges remain smooth without creating splinters. It also comes at a lower price point compared to natural timber.

Advantages of wood composite wardrobes

Composite timber finishes have many advantages compared to traditional timber.

First and foremost, it is man-made. Unlike traditional timber, composite woods can be designed to feature unique qualities to cater to various performance requirements. Whatever thickness, grades, strength or exposure durabilities, you will find it a composite wooden finish wardrobe. As a result, composite timber can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Unlike natural timber, composite wooden finishes are less likely to warp and disintegrate over time, making them more resistant to pests, rot and decay. This means you don’t have to worry about putting much money or energy into maintaining your wardrobes over time.

Composite wooden wardrobes also means versatility and variety. Depending on the material you choose, man-made timbers can be processed in a variety of colours and finishes, eliminating the need for paint. You can choose the shade that suits your exact design requirements, with the addition of UV resistant properties.

Most importantly, composite wood is the environmentally-friendly option. It can be produced from smaller trees when compared to solid lumber, and doesn’t necessitate the need for felling old-growth forests.

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Sliderobes offers a variety of wardrobe layout designs no matter how tight or complex the space. Our consultants will design, measure and quote to suit your needs and budget, bringing the showroom to you, with a range of colours and designs, all free of charge.

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