Polyurethane Wardrobe Doors

Sliderobes collection of custom polyurethane wardrobes are the epitome of elegance and luxury. Whether sliding or folding, polyurethane wardrobes in Sydney are designed with opulence in mind, giving a sense of richness to any living space. Coming in a variety of finishes and colours, Sliderobes collection of polyurethane doors can serve as a standalone feature or effortlessly complement your existing furniture and interior space. If you’re looking to create a flawless wardrobe design that ties cohesively with your current home, turn to Sliderobes.

What is a polyurethane finish?

A polyurethane finish is essentially plastic in the form of a liquid until it dries. It is available in oil or water-based options to deliver a variety of satin, matte or glossy finishes. 

A water-based polyurethane is a popular choice among homeowners due to its low toxicity and low odour when applied. It also applies clear and dries faster. However, it won’t hold up well to chemicals or extreme heat making them ideal for wardrobe doors, desks, side tables, picture frames or bookcases.

Meanwhile, oil-based polyurethane is more durable than water-based. As a result, it is more resistant against extreme heat, so kitchen countertops or tables are a good candidate for this particular finish.

Both oil and water-based polyurethane can be applied over acrylic or latex paint. However, oil-based finishes will result in an amber colour when painted over light colours. If you are looking to add durability to a wardrobe without affecting its true colour, then use a water-based finish.


Why choose polyurethane wardrobes?

Upgrading your bedroom or planning a complete fit out of your new kitchen renovation? Go for polyurethane wardrobe doors.

While more expensive than laminate, polyurethane panels or finishes are more appealing to interior designers due to their bespoke finish and wider design options. Attractive, practical and durable, they exhibit a smooth and lush painted finish. It is both a paint and a hardener that when combined together, creates a long lasting finish on your cabinetry. Unlike other finishes, polyurethane comes in various styles including glossy, modern satin for a timeless classic look to matte for a more contemporary look.

If you want your dream space to be one-of-a-kind, you will not regret polyurethane wardrobe doors.


Benefits of polyurethane wardrobe doors?

Endless colour palette: Most modern polyurethane doors offer an unlimited colour palette. Whether you want to evoke a dark and moody colour scheme or open your space with a neutral palette, there will be no difficulty trying to colour match your home’s current decor.

Durability: Due to their molecular structure, polyurethane coatings can stand the test of time and are resistant against chips and scratches, making them perfect for family rooms. Furthermore, they are almost completely UV resistant, meaning that in fifteen years time, they will still look brand new.

Door profiling: Compared to laminate or melamine, polyurethane can offer endless door profile possibilities.

Low maintenance: Polyurethane is impenetrable by many liquids. Smudges and stains? No problem. All you have to do is to wipe away with a moist cloth and a mild cleaning solution.

Cost: While polyurethane wardrobes are inherently more expensive compared to their cost-effective counterparts, their durability, numerous design options and easy maintenance undeniably make polyurethane options an invaluable decision in the long run.

Sliderobes offers a variety of wardrobe layout designs no matter how tight or complex the space. Our consultants will design, measure and quote to suit your needs and budget, bringing the showroom to you, with a range of colours and designs, all free of charge.

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