Free Standing Wardrobes

Are you after statement furniture pieces that can instantly catch the eye and elevate any bedroom, or living area? Sliderobes’ custom free standing wardrobes in Sydney are luxurious storage solutions that cater to any lifestyle and budget.

Whether you are partial to traditional styles, simplistic, modern or ornate, we can design and install a  standing wardrobe of any dimension and turn it into the centrepiece of your bedroom.

We are Sydney’s premium wardrobe solution specialists, designing anything from mirrors integrated into the door surface, closets with extra hanging space to building custom free standing sliding door wardrobes. Possessing over two decades of wardrobe design experience, you can trust our experts to be well acquainted with various quality wardrobe styles that suit any storage requirement, colour, style and finish.

Consult us today to see how we can design your custom free standing wardrobe that you have envisioned for years at competitive rates. You can rely on our experts to use only the best premium quality materials for your project, no matter how complex or straightforward.

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What are custom free standing wardrobes

Also known as a stand alone wardrobe, a custom built free standing wardrobe is exactly as it sounds. This wardrobe style is made up of portable pieces that are entirely self-containing, are not attached to the floors or walls of a space, and independent from anything else in the room.

Unlike built-in wardrobes, a standalone wardrobe can come pre-assembled or in flat packed parts that require assembling upon arrival. As with any custom design wardrobe, they can come with sliding doors, your choice of mirror or frosted glass or plain white melamine or hinged doors in white melamine or your choice of colour from our available range.

With their keen attention to detail, our wardrobe specialists at Sliderobes can provide you with a modern design that not only seamlessly integrates with your current decor but makes an immediate impact the moment you walk into the room. Get in touch with our experts for a consultation.

Benefits of our free standing custom wardrobes

If you have the space for them, purchasing a free standing wardrobe can deliver a myriad of benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  • Easier to transport compared to built-in – One of their most attractive benefits is that this wardrobe style is portable. If you want to rearrange your current bedroom layout or wish to move the wardrobe to another room in the house, moving it is not an issue. This makes purchasing a stand alone wardrobe a long-term investment.
  • Excellent resale value – If you find that your standalone wardrobe no longer fits your storage preferences or personal tastes, you can easily determine a resale price and sell it. As it is a mobile piece of furniture, you can move it out of your home for a small cost.
  • Can perfectly match your current home decor – With so many styles, finishes and premium materials available, you can design and build a free standing wardrobe that matches the other pieces of furniture in your home. Unlike a built-in design where you are required to match new pieces to a fixed wardrobe, free standing wardrobes give you more flexibility when it comes to coordinating your furniture.
  • More variation available – You get to choose the colour you want, the type of doors and the dimensions you need. With so many styles available, there is no doubt you will find the design that fits your wants.
  • More cost-effective than permanent fixtures – Custom-built wardrobes are considerably more expensive than free standing. Ideal for those on a tighter budget.
  • Quicker delivery and installation – Most free standing styles are not complex to design. This means you can receive this essential furniture piece faster. Furthermore, as most free standing wardrobes are flat packed into parts, they are quicker to install than building directly into the home.
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